Shootcrew Fall 2017

So I had this idea, right? Put on a styled shoot and get other photogs to create art & have fun. I can absolutely rock this. It will be amazing and I am a photographer warrior. It will be amazeballs.
Too bad that was the wine talking and the next day I was seriously doubting my decisions. WHAT HAVE I DONE!? The nerves were real.

A styled shoot is a great way to bring artists together & build up a community of creativity, basically everything I am about. Florists, boutiques, designers, photographers and the fashion-forward all come together to show off their skill and put together an extravaganza of beauty and inspiration. Obviously I can’t put on a huge gig like that right now, and to be honest, even a smaller styled shoot made me sweat. Truth is though, never trying is worse than failing.

For creatives, we have to keep moving forward and do new things if we want to stay fresh. Burn out and boredom follows the heels of complacency, and I’ve experienced that before. There’s no way I’m going to chicken out on something like this, especially when realistically there’s not much to lose. Perspective. Take a realistic look at what you’re afraid of happening, and chances are you’ll realize messing up won’t be that bad. Especially when compared to the success you might achieve! We have so much to offer the world, and being afraid of stepping out should never be the reason we stop. I know for me, I work hard to keep that kind of self-doubt away from how I create and flourish!

So, I bought a couple of dresses, reached out to a model I knew, bought some cheap jewelry and picked the first location I visited. I called up a makeup artist and a florist, and genuinely asked for their amazing skill. We had 5 wonderful photographers come, and it was a blast! To top it off, an image from my own work with the bouquet a day later was featured on LooksLikeFilm! I call that a success.
Bam. Done. In the bag. Now let’s make it bigger & better next year.

Thank you to Mary Arellano for modeling, you are stunning and talented! Also special thanks to Kaleene Knight for her makeup skill, and Audrey Robinson for the bouquets & headpiece! Call them up for your next event!