Hannah Hix


Well hi & hello! I guess I gotta talk a little bit about myself…

I am a full-time professional wedding photographer who lives on the edge of the Red River in Texoma. I am owned by Borzoi (link) pups, lots of canaries, and three a**hole cats that have found their way into this dogs-only heart of mine. If I am not behind the camera, I am either

a. Showing my dog (link)
b. Learning something weird and new like leather tooling
c. Trying to squeeze in a day-trip to somewhere new and fun with my hubby Colby

Beyond the basics, I am a passionate person. I believe in marriage, family, and all the authentic thrills that come with deep relationships and experiencing life. I’m not a fan of fakery or cheesy smiles, stiff poses and bored kids who just want to be done with photos. I am in it for the rich moments between people in love; the way your lace wedding dress rustles, the sound of your kids laughing genuinely, the freckles on your wife’s sun-kissed face, the fun of your husband rushing to catch your hat that the wind blew away. These things are the real life moments I am trying to capture, and it is my gift to give.

I’d love to chat! How would you like to introduce yourself?